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Daniel Kigozi Jr, the artist better known as Navio is widely regarded as one of the most prolific East-African Artistes of all time. He is a talented musician who has transcended Genre, having been one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop scene in Uganda. Navio has spent nearly a decade in the industry and his growth to become a star has mirrored the growth of Hip Hop in Africa.


He has performed in cities all over the world such as: Antwerp, Nairobi, London, Boston, Lagos, Bangkok, Pattaya, Kuala Lumpur, Dar es Salaam, Chicago, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Berlin, Bobodiolasso, Kigali, Cotonou and Washington DC but to name a few.

Having shared the booth with hit makers Rkelly, Wyclef Jean, Kieth Sweat, Fefe Dobson, Kat Dahlia and a host of African talent, he remains humble and focused on his music and aiding his community.


The issues closest to him being Refugees, Poverty and the new threat to Uganda’s way of life- human trafficking.

Navio dwells on both the Commercial and Underground Charts, this year winning a “Best Male” Act and well as “Best Album” 2016-2017 for his critically acclaimed Album “The Chosen”. His gift is to be able to blend seamlessly from an Urban sound into African Rhythms that shock and awe the most astute music listener.





Uganda, Africa



Rap, Afro Beats, Alternative


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Navcorp Records




NAVIO - RAHA (Official Video) #VibesOutTheEast

NAVIO - RAHA (Official Video) #VibesOutTheEast

Navio’s “RAHA” PRESS RELEASE Navio has undoubtedly proven himself in these dark times. Having the most successful year of any rapper regionally. He released the SIN album (Strength In Numbers) which sells close to 40,000 copies in the first few weeks before the street vendors pushed the sales to higher heights- off a well crafted boda delivery strategy in the heart of lockdown. The album itself wins awards- and the collaborations with Vanessa Mdee, Ice Prince, Joh Makini, Seyi Shay, Laylizzy and a Burna Boy Remix- make it an instant classic. He also gets picked as a mentor and Judge on the MTN Pulse Rap Battles. He has the first virtual concert in Uganda launching his album. He signs 2 lucrative deals with Prudential with 4 different sets of billboards for assortment endorsements circulating throughout the year. He gets hired by the Ministry on the biggest Tourism project to date as a Judge on the “Pearl of Africa” Talent Show (POA) and closes out the finale of Club Beatz at home in style. He has risen in a time where it was thought impossible. Now the next move is to release an album on a scale not seen before and to do that we have his first single off the album titled “Raha”. When many rappers have refused to take the plunge, Navio has risen to new challenges on this song- flowing effortlessly on the biggest Genre to sweep through the African charts right now. After living in South Africa almost a decade in his youth and having family that hail from there- demand for an Amapiano smash hit from Navcorp was palpable. Daxochali has produced this song with authority. He is after all regarded as the East’s King of Amapiano so its only right that he lined up the East’s King of Hip Hop to create a massive hit to usher in the new year. Sasha Vybz true to his style has crafted a huge video to pay homage to the scale of the song itself, with big sweeping shots and more ‘extras’ than Navio has ever had. Navcorp is proud to present the new hit to usher in 2022… RAHA!


Never before has a collective with such vivid and varying talent come together on one project. Hop aboard the MV Vanessa and set sail for Pineapple bay with us! Navio with the Top selling Ugandan Album of the year “Strength In Numbers” has literally been trending throughout the last few months. If it wasn’t the album and it’s impact, it was the energetic performances on the Saturday TV Concerts or hosting the first ever Online Album Launch Concert done in Africa. Daddy Andre and Flex d’Paper’s rise to notoriety has been one way... UP! They have gained ground in unpredictable ways with Andre becoming a household name around East Africa and Flex achieving the Video of the Year accolade at the UG Hip Hop Awards. All these element have made for perhaps the biggest song of the year in “Bangi”. Sasha Vybz who is the most sought after Director in EA right now- outdid himself in the video, with Pineapple Bay for the first time in Lake Victoria acting as the backdrop for this amazing video. The MV Vanessa was the boat that was featured and the waves of Lake Victoria around her bow made for a quality ride that could be felt in the video. The song itself was produced by Icon Studio’s own Mio Made who has been behind a slew of hits this year. “Bangi” is the first official single of the year and the first to be pushed after the album “Strength In Numbers” has come out. An album already being dubbed as the best album of the last Decade. With the Numbers adding up, Artistes like Navio have found a way to make it through the madness that is Corona- and the fans are loving every minute of it. Navcorp is proud to present "Bangi"! Please enjoy! New NAVIO Album "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" Link: Subscribe to the Youtube Channel here Follow NAVIO on: Twitter & Instagram: @naviomusic Facebook: NAVIO Web: Email:
Navio- Rider

Navio- Rider

-RIDER- That brand new Navio video shot in Miami! Follow one of the Most Versatile Artistes on the African Continent. Instagram @naviomusic Twitter @naviomusic Snapchat @naviomusic Facebook: NAVIO #NavioRider RIDER When it comes to breaking boundaries with music, Navcorp has always been a step ahead. This ground breaking music project is for a song called named "Rider". Aptly named because Navio fans are known to support in force. In this next move, we see nothing short of a music video shot like a movie by Carlos Nunez. The influence for the video will come from a Michael Mann directing style. With a mixture of hand held, industry sized drone and stationery shots, showing the glossy side of Ibitha and Miami in a gritty Hip Hop style. The song is a carefree expression about being true to the #Squad, having fun and representing your own side and will be out in a few short days. There have been a few setbacks to the release of the video. Navio had to shoot with a severe fracture to his forearm. Also the Costa Nostra theme happened at the same time as one of his own family members was robbed. So out of respect the release was delayed. The song itself was produced by Aethan who added some live bass and guitar riffs to keep it interesting, while maintaining a movie like theme to the song as well. Recorded by Samurae at TA and given a cinematic master by Dawoo at Audio Central Studios which really pushed the envelope. Navcorp is proud to present to you the Video of the Year... #Rider. Who will you Ride with? Subscribe now:
Navio ft Ankit Tiwari - Rise Up

Navio ft Ankit Tiwari - Rise Up

-Rise Up- @RiseUp256 #RiseUp256 Navio ft Ankit Tiwari This Brand New cross cultural, cross continental smash hit from Navio from Uganda 🇺🇬 and Ankit Tiwari from India 🇮🇳 is bound to take Africa and Asia by storm. Not only is the “Rise Up” song uplifting and for a worthwhile cause, it also has all the makings of a Club “Banger” and Radio favourite. The themes of coming from ‘nothing to something’ and impoverished people changing their lives for the better is a subject close to both Artistes hearts. it made sense to work with each other on the project. They are no strangers to each others music. After both releasing unique record breaking songs in the same calendar year on different continents, it was easy to picture that this collaboration would be something special. The video juxtaposes the “dream” location of the Masrani Mansion with the urban realities that people on both their continents are living in. Teaming with the Abaana Abaidho Foundation allowed both Artistes to: Involve children who would wish to rise up in society. Allow them to walk tall and proud alongside Ankit and Navio. To let the surrounding Village of Buwenge in Uganda know that they are a part of the society and need to be given the chance to be useful members of society. Producer “Ricky Expendable” and Ankit worked tirelessly to give a crisp sound that is “now” and also marketable on so many different chart radios. The subtle cadences in the beat and vocals allow for an easy listening yet still assertive sound. Navcorp and Ankit Tiwari are Proud to present the Brand New Smash Song “Rise Up”. Words to live by... Subscribe now:


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