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Navio X is a revolutionary heritage project that combines music creation and cultural exploration to create a new form of multimedia TV show. With segmented takeaways of the music videos, hit songs and one of a kind content that almost overshadow the enormity of the Documentary series itself. The concept of the show is award winning hip hop artist Navio will visit various communities to meet the indigenous tribes that make up the extraordinary cultural and metropolitan diversity of Uganda and create music to describe the experience in their cultural dialect and beat fused into his own popular sound.

Each episode focuses exclusively on one of Uganda's tribes where we explore its history, culture, music, dance, rituals, business industries, cuisine and heritage sites.
The individual episodes will look to promote tribal heritage in the regions preserving
culture for future generations. 

These programs also serve as an important contribution to national development by highlighting real business opportunities and start ups, and cultural diversity that will attract tourists, both local and international, to visit and experience our unique tribal legacy.

The goal of the project is to preserve, promote and protect the indigenous cultures of Uganda, and eventually Africa itself, for posterity in a way that is educational, inspiring and engaging. This will act as a memento of local culture and provide more reasons for people to visit Uganda.



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